About Us

Aaradhana” performs various types of Pujas, Jagran, Mata Chowki etc. We also perform various types of poojas & jagrans.

Our Shastriji knows Vedic, Krishnamurthy, and Western Astrology. He can find the right Muhurta (auspicious time) for your puja. He performs puja in Sanskrit with
explanations in Hindi. He knows both Shukla and Krishna Yajurveda and is proficient in South and North Indian rituals and traditions.

Our Jagran Party, With the blessings of Mata Rani, with their Team to promote Devotional Music in India.

We started conducting Mata Rani Jagrata, Chowki & Bhajan Sandhya Programmes and since that Januray 2015 & We have conducted more then 1000 Bhagwati Jagran, & Mata ki Chowki Programmes, With the blessings of Mata Rani.

Aaradhana is primarily into the core individual business of helping believers, followers and devotees of Hinduism to book Pandit online for his or her Pujas, book Jagran etc; It functions across Lucknow and all over the surrounding. Aaradhana however additionally takes care of all their service connected specifications for the Pooja. Associated closely with an knowledgeable, Skilled & well known panel of Pandits across all primary and secondary cities and their subsidiary areas;

Able to book online Puja or online Pandit ji for any Puja in Hinduism; Aaradhana can never fail to make the best traditional and divine Puja expertise for their customers. Every Pandit is qualified, knowledgeable, experienced and skilled within the genre of Puja he performs he will not solely take care of all Vedic sciences and rituals for the Puja but additionally cater the Puja as per client’s traditions and customs.

Aaradhana has tried to achieve the grass-root level for the online booking of services and therefore, will organize for all titles and kinds of Pandits, Jagran, Mundan etc. We do the all kind of work related to religious. We wish to give you best services.